John Gorre Photo & Films

“Your wedding day is part of your visual legacy ”

John Gorre maxes an exceptional professional photographer's experience, training background and personality that is in their repertoire.

John Gorre's matchless experience as a photographer and videographer has placed him on shoots around Davao regions.

John Gorre has the ability to see things from a unique perspective, capturing the moment in time with feeling, grace, power, nostalgia, and timeless elegance.

Our goals for our clients are simple.  First, provide an absolutely incredible client experience from start to finish. Second, provide our brides and grooms with creative photography that matches the vision our couples have of their wedding day.  Our style and message is consistent in every wedding we photograph.

John Gorre Photo & Films Services is an top-notch Photoshoot services in Davao that offers a wide variety of custom photography services including weddings, lifestyle, engagement sessions, portrait and destination. It’s talented team of artists offers superior service, state-of-the-art products, creative styles and friendly personalities to its clients. Let us deliver images better than you could have imagined!

We set the standard everyone aspires to become through example. Beyond consistently delivering high-quality experiences and products, we continue to innovate in each of our areas, never settling for “good enough.”

Know more about me:

  • I have one loving wife that has more faith in me than myself and I have two amazing kids. 
  • I shoot every wedding personally, So I don't have a Team B

I offer the following services for my clients: