Portrait Photography

A good photo stylist can and will save your ass in situations like those just described, as well as many more that you cannot foresee, so be sure to hire someone you trust.

Known for his creativity in portrait photography, John Gorre, (owner of John Gorre Photo & Films Services) is locally known Portrait Photographer in Davao who effortlessly puts his clients at ease as he uniquely captures their best moments with timeless grace.

John Gorre Photo & Films Services empowers you by creating artistic Davao Portrait Photography that shows your inner strength and love, inspiring you for life.  Our team is obsessed with providing a unique experience where your personality for life is captured in a masterpiece of YOU, retaining your special moments for years and generations to come.

Capturing great images of a person is not about just the photography – that’s the easy part. The key is understanding the way a person wants to feel about themselves and how they would like to see themselves.

When it comes to our style, we're incredibly fond of soft, natural light, neutral tones, and those quiet, in-between moments that tell your story. We're also firm believers that the best way for us to tell your story is to know it, first, so we're going to want to hear all about you, your event, and your vision before we actually work together! The more details you can give us, the better. While we believe that a good photograph should be aesthetically pleasing, we believe that a great Davao photography should evoke emotion, so when we click our shutters, we strive to create images that give you all the feels (today and every day).   

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